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Yakutia will present a bridge project over the Lena River at the EEF

Lena Bridge
Yakutia will present the project of the bridge across the Lena River at the Eastern Economic Forum (УEF), it is important to wait for the decision to build the facility, the Interim head of the region Aisen Nikolaev said at a meeting of the campaign train devoted to 100th anniversary of the Komsomol.

According to the information of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East, on August 3, the acceptance of applications for investment projects was completed, which will be presented at 4th Eastern Economic Forum. Yakutia announced the presentation of 52 projects and along with Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories entered the top three in terms of the number of applications submitted.

"The Lena bridge will connect the west and east of the country along the northern latitude belt, economists have been saying about this for many decades. It does not matter what the bridge will be - combined or automobile. The main thing is that a decision should be made and we shall have a bridge across the Lena River in the Yakutsk area," Aisen Nikolaev told reporters.

Earlier it was reported that foreign investors from China and Japan are interested in the construction of the bridge over the Lena River. July 23 Yakutsk hosted an international forum dedicated to this topic, and the experts estimated the cost of the bridge at 70-80 billion rubles. The conference considered various financial mechanisms for the implementation of construction, including a construction option based on a concession agreement.

The fourth Eastern Economic Forum will be held on the campus site of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island September 11-13.

RIA Novosti

Photo © RIA Novosti / Aleksandr Lyskin