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The Head of Yakutia is writing memoirs

  • Published in Politics

The head of Yakutia Egor Borisov began writing memoirs in the early 2000s. Individual chapters of them will now be published from time to time in a special section of the updated version of his personal website, Egor Borisov said on December 21 at the final press conference.

The Head of Yakutia hosted annual television call-in show, which lasted exactly two hours. There were more than 30 questions on the most pressing topics.  In the studio of ‘Sakha’ National Broadcasting Company the Head of the republic answered questions of leading municipal, republican and federal media.

In his opening speech Egor Borisov had focused on international relations. He noted that in the medium term we can expect revitalization of Asian economy with an increase in the volume of construction. It opens prospects, in particular for the development of the coal industry of Yakutia. Despite the negative background related to the sanctions, the republic manages to increase the attraction of investments and to carry out all social obligations. At the same time, the head of Yakutia expressed concern about the poor. In his view, the provision of aid must be personalized.

The main part of the press conference was devoted to the relationships with mining companies.  We maintain stable relationships with large companies, Egor Borisov said. Tax revenues will increase and the companies will increase their participation in socio-economic development of territories. In turn, in order to further attract investments the republic should take measures to create favorable conditions for the development of big business.

They also talked about the structural changes in the government, the leveling of electricity tariffs, the development of agriculture, and the relationship with the residents of the advanced development zone in South Yakutia. The journalists were interested in the execution of the decrees on the Yakut hectares and polite medicine. Some of the issues dealt with facilities commissioning in municipalities.

Egor Borisov will celebrate the New Year, as always, with his family. "This year it's our turn to gather relatives, the preparation is in full swing," - said the head of the republic, adding that he has already received his Christmas gift - the fifth granddaughter was born.