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Yakutian pupils became world draughts champions

  • Published in Sport
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The World Draughts Championship among people with disabilities is held in Poland. The national team of Russia was represented by pupils of the Republican special (correctional) boarding school. They were Julian Andreeva, Alexander Efimov and Gavril Ivanov under the guidance of the coach Peter Ushnitsky.

In May of this year, the team hit the podium and won tickets to the World Championship. As a result of intense battles, Juliana Andreeva and Alexander Efimov won the titles of world champions in draughts on a standard 64-cell board. Now they have to compete in fast checkers competition.

Young champions with disabilities win medals from year to year. Their success depends on persistent training under the guidance of a talented and dedicated trainer, multiple world champion in checkers, Peter Ushnitsky. He noted that the team from our republic showed a strong game. High level of skill of children also was appreciated by other participants and judges from other countries.